Upgrading to a New Version of SpeedBase

Before downloading and installing the latest (or any older) version of SpeedBase, make sure that the release date of that version is not later than the expiration date of the latest support/upgrade extension you purchased. If it is later, you will not be able to complete the install and upgrade.
Make sure that you have registered SpeedBase with the most recent license key you have received following your latest purchase. If you register with and older license key which was sent to you during an older purchase, you may not be able to install the software and receive a warning stating that your support term was expired.
We recommend you to disregard and discard older license key(s) whenever you make a new purchase and receive a new license key to prevent this issue happening.

Upgrade Policy

How to Check Eligibility of Upgrade

"After a new installation I've received a message saying my upgrade term was expired. What should I do?"

That means, the upgrade term of your current license does not cover the version you installed. You must uninstall the version you just installed and then install the version which was covered by your upgrade term from this page.

Upgrade Process

You are strongly recommended to check the upgrade information page before installing a newer version than you are running in order to learn about important changes as well as new features. Beware that, there may occasionally be changes which may effect how your data is displayed/processed and you might be required to make some adjustments.

When you install a newer version of SpeedBase, your database may also be required to go over an upgrade process depending on the version you are installing. Basically, if either the left or middle part of the version number was increased compared to the version you are running, a database upgrade will be executed. Unless otherwise is stated on release notes, your data will not be affected during upgrade.

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