Barcode Processing

You may configure SpeedBase to automatically find and open the record whose barcode is read by a barcode scanning device. To do this, create a small text field in the required catalog and save barcode text for each record. Then, set the catalog and the field carrying barcode data on system preferences window. Whenever you want to use your barcode scanning device, just click the "Barcode" button from the main toolbar and scan a barcode. SpeedBase will automatically search for the barcode and open the associated record window whenever it recognizes a barcode input.

Remember that you may also manually type in the barcode text from your keyboard to open the related record as long as you keep the barcode button activated.

How to Print Barcodes

If you want to print out barcode marks with your reports, you should install a "barcode font" to your computer. There are many free to use barcode fonts on the internet.
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