Login Window

This feature is available after registration of the product.

SpeedBase can optionally ask for username and password on startup. This feature is also automatically activated when the product is registered.
If you have newly registered the software and see the login window for the first time, you may log on by just leaving the username as "admin" and password box empty. This feature should be considered as a basic protection to keep away curious people who have access to your computer.

How to Activate or Disable Login Step

Open "Database" menu, select "My Preferences", click "Startup" tab. If you check both "remember my login name" and "remember my password" boxes, SpeedBase will not ask you for username and password at startup.
You may optionally require username + password or only password on startup.

Setting Password

You may change your password by opening "Security" menu and selecting "Change Login Password". SpeedBase will ask for your current password to proceed. If you haven't set a password before, leave the input box for old password empty.

How Secure is my Data?

Since SpeedBase does not allow access thru internet, there is no way for internet users to access your data and your database is as secure as any file on your desktop. You usually do not need to activate login protection if you are the sole user of your computer and you already use a password protected user account on Windows.
Note that, password protection of SpeedBase should be considered as a basic security precaution to keep your data away from curious people who you allow to use your computer and work on your windows account. For added security, you are recommended to keep your Windows user account private and create a seperate Windows account for other people who you allow to use your computer.

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