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Records Menu

New: Opens a new blank record details window to create a new record in the current catalog. Available only for record list window.

Save: Saves the changes you have made on current record to the database. Available only for record details window.

Deactivate: Deactivates the current record to hide it from all listings. Available only for record details window.

Protect: Locks the current record to prevent accidental modifications. Available only for record details window.

Remove Protection: Unlocks the current record and allows the users to modify it. Available only for record details window.

Import: Imports record information from a file into the current catalog. Available only for record list window.

Export: Exports selected records to a file from the current catalog. Available only for record list window.

Exit: Closes all open tabs and exits SpeedBase application.

Security Menu

Most of the features available under this menu are utilized on a multiuser environment (Network edition).

Users: Opens the users window which allows you to manage SpeedBase users and their access rights.

User Groups: Opens the usergroups window which allows you to manage multiple user groups (security roles) for easier management of access rights.

Access Rights: Opens "Advanced Access Rights" window which is used to apply security exceptions to have extended control above access control.

Change Login Password: Allows SpeedBase users to change their login password they are using when starting SpeedBase.

Database Menu

Catalogs: Opens "Catalog Configuration" window which is the starting point to build the database structure (catalogs, information fields, data input forms, relationships etc.)

Connection Settings: Allows you to define the connection parameters in order to connect to the selected database.

System Preferences: Allows you to modify various system wide settings effective for all SpeedBase users.

My Preferences: Allows SpeedBase users to modify several options dedicated to their own user profile.

Install Application: Introduces a list of available application templates from which you can choose to install in your database.

Import Application Template: Import database design data from file.

Export Application Template: Export current design of your database to file.

Backup & Restore: Allows you to create database backups and restore when needed.

Create New Database: Opens the "create database" window where you can drop current database and create a new, empty database. Use with caution!

Help Menu

About SpeedBase: Displays about window with version and registrant information.

Online Help: Opens online help documentation in your default web browser.

Register: Displays registration window to convert your trial version to registered full version. Visit product information page to get your license to get rid of trial edition limitations.

Upgrade: Opens SpeedBase Software web site to guide you for upgrading your current software edition.

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