Creating Multiple to Multiple Relationships

Please read "Understanding Relationships" before this section if you haven't done already.

Recommended video: Creating Relationships

How to Create Multiple to Multiple Relationship

Tip! Avoid creating a multiple to multiple relationship if a 1 to multiple relationship satisfies your needs. More info about this

Click "Database" from main menu, click "Catalogs". Select the catalog you wish to create a new relationship for, click "Fields" button.
A new window containing the field list for current catalog will be opened. Click "Create New" button.

Select "Relationship" from Data Type selection box,
Select N-N Relationship from Relationship Type selection box,
Select the target catalog you wish to create relationship from Relevant Catalog selection box,

Type a title into the both "List Title" boxes. (On record forms, a list of related records from target catalog will be listed under this title.)

Example: If you are creating a relationship for "Student" catalog and you selected "Teacher" catalog as target, you may use a title like "Related Teachers" and "Related Students" respectively. So you may access all the related teachers of a student record by clicking a menu button. The same is true for a teacher record.

Note that you could do the same thing in the oppposite way by creating a N to N Relationship for "Teacher" catalog with selecting "Student" catalog as target. The end result would be exactly the same.

Displaying Relationship Fields In Record Forms

The newly created relationship fields will not automatically appear on record details window!
You should add the new fields into the record form by using either "Form Designer" or "Menu Designer" depending on the relationship type and your preference.

Example: If you have created a relationship for "Student" catalog and you selected "Teacher" catalog as target, create a side menu button for "Student" catalog. Open catalogs window, select "Student" catalog, click "Form Menus" button, intall the menu item for the new field. Repeat the same process for the "Teacher" catalog.
See Creating Form Menus for more info.

Modifying Existing Relationship Fields

Once created, changing the relationship type (1 to N or N to N) or changing the target catalog is not allowed. If you need to change one of them, you should consider deleting the relationship fields which will also remove all the related data information from records.

Changing field titles and lookup fields are allowed. You may safely modify them whenever you wish.

Removing Relationships

As a relationship represents two information fields stored on each of the related catalog pair, deleting it will remove both fields from the catalogs. You will lose the information of "related data" from all records on both catalogs.

See Erasing Fields for information about how to delete a field.

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