Exporting Records

SpeedBase supports exporting records as MS Excel worksheet file

Quickly Exporting Selected Records

While you are displaying a record list window or related record list window, select the records you wish to export, right click your mouse to open the popupmenu, click export. You may export either the selected records or all records displayed in the list. SpeedBase will export the records exactly as seen in the current view.

If you wish to control the fields and their orderings, you may open export window instead of using quick export.

Exporting All Records Using Export Wizard

While you are displaying a record list window, open Records from main menu and select Export. The export wizard window will open. You may here select the catalog to export records from, select the fields to be included in the exported file and their orderings.

If you plan to import the exported data back to SpeedBase database, you should also check "include ID information" checkbox.

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