Erasing Catalogs

Click "Database" from main menu, click "Catalogs".
Click "Erase Records" button to delete or records of the catalog permanently.
Click "Erase Catalog" button to delete the catalog including all records and structural information permanently.

How to Erase All Records of a Catalog

Clicking "Erase Records" button deletes all of the records of selected catalog permanently. Only the records will be deleted. The structural properties of the catalog are not effected, so you may continue to enter new records as usual.
Warning! There is no way to undo this action.

How to Erase a Catalog Completely from Database

Deletes the catalog with all fields, records, views, filters under it permanently.
Warning! Erasing all fields and eventually the catalog itself results in deleting all records as well as deleting the full structural information like field definitions, views, menus created for this catalog. There is no way to undo this action.
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