Modifying Properties of Catalogs

Click "Database" from main menu, click "Catalogs", select the catalog you wish to modify from the list, click "Properties" button.
Displays a window to modify various properties of the selected catalog.

Catalog Title: Type the catalog name, examples: Companies, Address Book, Photo Collection

Item Singular Name: Type the name of the items stored in this catalog in singular form, examples: Company, Contact, Photo.

Primary Field: Select the field that is most desciptive for each record (e.g. Name Surname for "People" catalog). You may change this setting anytime you wish. Data on this field is used as the record title where needed.

Search Field: Select the field which should be used as default whenever a search is made. In most cases selecting "All Fields" gives the most convenient result.

Displayed On Catalog Tree: By default, SpeedBase display folder icon for each catalog on catalog tree. If you uncheck this box, no folder is displayed.

Enable Activity Control: Check this box, if you wish to set the states of records as "active" or "inactive". See Activating/Deactivating Records for more info.

Enable Record Protection: Check this box, if you wish to enable record protection for this catalog. See Record Protection for more info.

If you are about to create a new catalog, some of the properties may not be shown as the catalog is not created yet. You may reopen this window again, after you have created the catalog.

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