Creating Menu Buttons

Click "Database" from main menu, click "Catalogs". Select the catalog you wish to create/modify form menus, click "Form Menus" button.

A record details window may have its own menu buttons placed on left side of the form, which allows you to access "related records" from other catalogs easily. Every menu item represents a relationship with current catalog with another catalog. If you cannot see any side menu item other than the default "General" button, this means that you either haven't created a relationship with another catalog, or you haven't created a menu button.

Creating Menu Buttons

The available data sources for which a menu button can be created are listed in a box on left side. If the current catalog you wish to create menu for, has relationships with other catalogs, they are listed on top of this box in a form like "Current Catalog > Related Catalog" (see picture above). You may easily create a menu button by simply selecting a relationship and clicking "ADD" button.
Example: Assume that there is already a relationship between "Companies" and "People" catalogs where each company record may be related to any number of selected workers picked from "People" catalog. If you select the line "Companies > Employees" (see picture above) and create a menu button, Clicking that button will immediately display the list of related people (ie workers) of that company.

Removing Menu Buttons

You may remove a menu button easily by selecting it from the installed menu item list and clicking remove button. This action is safe as it does not affect actual records in your database. However, if there are views or filters associated with this menu item, they will also be deleted from database.

Adjusting Order of Menu Buttons

Select the menu item from the installed menu item list, click the up or down arrows repeatedly until the menu item is placed in the desired position.

Creating Views For Menu Buttons

You may create shared views for the record lists a menu button is displaying. Note that creating views for menu buttons is optional as if you do not create views, SpeedBase will automatically use existing views created for the target catalog.
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