User Preferences

User preferences are dedicated settings for each SpeedBase user. Every user can save in this window his/her own preferences.

Open "Database" from main menu, select "Preferences" and then click to "My Preferences" item.


Open each catalog in new tab: When you click a catalog folder from catalog tree, the list of records of that catalog will be displayed. If you check this box, clicking each distinct catalog will open a new tab on the main window.
Open each record in new window: If checked, each record will be displayed in a new external window.
Mouse sensitive popup tips: If checked, a tip balloon is displayed whenever your mouse moves thru a tip icon or help button. Uncheck this box if you find this behaviour annoying, in this case the tips are shown only if you click to the tip icons.
Minimize to system tray: Hides SpeedBase window to system tray if you click the minimize button. You may restore the window by clicking the SpeedBase icon on system tray.
Continue running in the background if closed: If you close the main window by clicking the X button, SpeedBase will be minimized to system tray by default and stays running. You may uncheck this box to terminate the application completely, but note that, SpeedBase needs to be kept running in order to display the reminders or instant messages on time.

SpeedBase requires very little processing power when kept running on system tray.

Default Catalog: Select the catalog which will automatically open when you start SpeedBase.
Message Sounds: Select how much message sounds should be created.
Default Snooze Time: Select the time in minutes at which a reminder is postponed when the reminder window is closed without dismissing.


Remember my login name: If checked, the login window will remember the last user name that is logged in, when SpeedBase is started.
Remember my password: If checked, you will automatically be logged in on startup using the last used user name and password. So the login screen is bypassed. You may prefere this setting if you are the only user of the computer and/or the data on your database is not confidental from other people who share the same computer.

Start SpeedBase when Windows starts: This should be left checked to ensure that SpeedBase is kept running in order allow the reminders and instant messages are displayed timely.

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