Creating Fields

Click "Database" from main menu, click "Catalogs". Select the catalog you wish to create fields for, click "Fields" button.
(Double clicking a catalog name also opens fields window)

Creating New Fields

Click "Create New" button to open Create Field Wizard.

Field Name: Type the name of the field into the box. For example, if you are creating fields for "People" catalog, you may wish to create fields like "Name Surname", "E-Mail", "Phone" etc. Field names can be changed later if needed.

Data Type: SpeedBase supports different types of fields depending on what type information is to be stored. This should be selected with care as you cannot change the data type of an existing field later. Available data types are as follows:

Default Value: Sets the default value inserted automatically whenever you open the record form to create a new record.

Allow Duplicate: Select whether two distinct records of this catalog may store the same data in this field. If you disallow duplicates, SpeedBase will show a warning and refuse to save create/update a record if duplicates are found.

Text Filter: Select the appropriate value here. This helps SpeedBase to display and handle the information optimally.

Displaying New Fields In Record Forms

A newly created field will not automatically appear on record details window!
You should add the new field into the record form by using "Form Designer". See Designing Data Forms to read how to do it.

Panel View (Advanced Usage)

This button is available and effective only if you have placed a field of type 1-N relationship (related record list) into the form by using form designer. It allows you to create and customize the view of this record list.
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