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As of 19 Dec, 2015, the license model of the following products are rearranged:
  • SpeedBase Customer Manager Pro
  • SpeedBase Customer Manager TeamWork

If you are a registered user of one of these products, please note that:
  • "SpeedBase Customer Manager Pro" was merged to "SpeedBase Professional".
  • "SpeedBase Customer Manager Teamwork" was merged to "SpeedBase Teamwork".
  • Your existing license is valid for the relevant product listed above. Customers may continue to download and/or upgrade to the relevant product and continue to use just like before.
  • A new product named as "SpeedBase Customer Manager Free" has been released. Do not try to update your existing installation with this software. This product is designed to work with its own pre-installed template without any customization or reporting features.

What does this change mean for me ?

Nothing actually. You may simply assume that just the title of the product you have purchased has been renamed. There is absolutely no change about neither the functionality nor the user interface, you will not notice any differences. Your license key will work just normal.

Did the product I purchased become now freeware ?

No. Although the names look similar, the free edition ("SpeedBase Customer Manager Free") is a new product which is restricted with its own fixed database template. Most of the features you are using like all sorts of database customization, reporting and multiuser features are not available in this software.


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